Prevention is the key to avoiding Lyme disease.

Here are some ways to avoid getting bitten by tick.

  • Avoid tick-infested areas, such as leaf litter under trees. Avoid brushing against long grasses and brush on edges of paths. Don’t sit on stumps or fallen logs.

  • Wear light-colored long pants and long sleeves so you can easily see any ticks.

  • Tuck shirt into pants and tuck pants into socks.

  • Use DEET on skin and treat clothing with spray containing permethrin.

  • If you are afraid of the chemical DEET, you can find natural products with Picaridin

  • Do a thorough tick check upon returning inside and for several days following exposure.

  • Check bedding for several days following exposure for ticks that drop off.

  • Ticks, especially nymphal ticks, are tiny. Find and remove them before they bite.

  • Spray your yard.