Blood Test


Ask you primary care physician to run these labs for you so you can bring results to your Lyme Literate Doctor upon your first visit. This may expedite the start of treatment. 



​lyme western blot 
*Lyme igenex 
*Babesia microti
*Babesia Ducani (igenex only)
*Bartonella Henselea
*Bartonella Quintana  
*Ehrlichia Chaffeensis HME, 
*Ehrlichia Equine also called Anaplasma Phagocytophilum,  
*Myclopasma pneumonia,,, 
*Rickesttial Disease 
*Q-Fever also called C.Burneti
*Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
*Chlamydia pnemonia  
*Cytomegalovirus CMV
*Epstein Barr Virus EBV 
*Human Herpes Virus
*Parvovirus b19
*West Nile Virus
*Coxsackie Virus

If you can't get the lab work done, please call us as we possibly can help you.